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Thursday, October 27, 2011

This In An Old Shockspital Post Someone Asked About

  I repair a lot of Fox Alps Rear shocks. The downside of these shocks is that they have two major failure modes.

  1. The strut cracks and the shock will not hold air anymore. Sometimes I can replace the strut with a used one. Used ones are getting harder and harder to find so the this is becoming harder to to.
  2. The Eyelets crack. Same story here.

  If you have an older Cannondale this can be a real bummer because nothing else fits in place of the clevis mount Fox.

 SNC00227 But the guys out at Risse Racing put together some of their Genesis Air Shocks for me and they have the clevis mount!! Yeah! The retail is $198 and they out perform the original Fox Alps.

   So if your shock can’t be repaired this is a really nice to keep your bike going!