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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I got some feedback!!

1. I always thought the idea with copper paste is to put it on the back of the disc pad where it contacts the piston. That's supposed to stop the high-frequency vibration between pad and piston, which can cause squeal.
However, I've never found this to be a problem with modern disc brakes.
If you can get it in the USA, I find Muc-Off disc brake cleaner to work really well.

2.I deliberately avoided being sarcastic in my last comment, which has been deleted! I would have thought that someone with 'the touch' when it comes to disc brakes, would know that putting copper paste onto the pads and disc (and not the backs of the pads, where its supposed to go) will ruin them.
This article makes you look a bit foolish.

Don, no comment was deleted; it just takes a bit for moderation to catch up. And for the record I do not have the ability to moderate comments that is handled by someone else. AND I have never deleted a comment on any blog that I sit on and there are quite a few.

Your comments are spot on. Everyone makes mistakes and maybe I have made one; maybe not. As I have said I am waiting for Motorex to get back to me because they were not clear as what should be done with the copper paste. And in all fairness it was offered up as a competitor for the Squeeeall Out, so I just went ahead and treated it as if it was the same style of product. The instructions aren't super clear but the context seemed to be.

So... when I get a chance I am going to try Don's idea, it certainly seems more feasible and I will get back to you.

B "$.02" Rose