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Monday, August 15, 2011

Murphy Time Trials Old School Happy Fun Time

The racing action at Murphy has been awesome over the last three weeks, but it's all coming off the rails this Wednesday.

Same format.

Same course.

Same you.

What changes? Everything you ever learned about riding a bike, because now it's going to be you vs. the clock vs. your old beater bike, vintage bike, commuter bike, or whatever else is lying around collecting dust or rust in your garage.

Top it off with something from the bottom of your lycra barrel, and you'll be all set.

Got a 1997 GT Karkoram weighing down your garage rafters? Air up the Psychos, dust off the TurboMatic, cinch up the toe clips, and skitter around corners on that Manitou Mach 5!

Maybe your secret stash is an old Schwinn Moab with first-generation LX on it. Chances are the front shifter quit working five years ago, and the ultra long Titec bar ends have become choice real estate for toxic spiders. Bust that thing out and get that Rock Shox suspension seatpost chirping!

Everyone loves a guy on a poorly-designed suspension bike!

Props if your beloved "B" bike has a ghetto-rigged singlespeed setup, or a rack, or fenders, or spokey-dokeys. We might have to zip-tie your kickstand so you don't impale your fellow competitors. If you think it will make it around a lap at Murphy, go for it!

Free hugs for people with Bull-moose handlebars, elevated chainstays, Evolution headsets, Pepperoni forks, OnZa pedals, high-end Suntour stuff, TA cranks, roller cam brakes, and deer-head era Deore components.