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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Manitou's Absolute Plus Tuning System

Recently the mechanics at Freewheel Bike, the new home of Shockspital, were introduced to Manitou's new Absolute Plus Tuning system by Shanan and Ed from the Hayes group.
I'm excited about this system because it is the first time that bike shops are able to easily perform true custom tuning on suspension forks.

This is Shanan in the white shirt. He's been with Manitou for a loooong time. If you've ever called Manitou for tech support chances are you talked to him.

This is Ed. He's and engineer (note the white board).

Ed was explaining the difference in damper shim thickness. It all seemed to make sense at the time.

This is the tuning book that comes with the kit. It helps you choose which shims to use to tune the fork for individual riders.

This is the parts kit. It comes with damper pistons and shims.