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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Double Barrel comes to the Midwest

Ever heard of the Cane Creek Double Barrel? It's only the most adjustable, best-performing rear shock on the market. and it's coming to the Midwest! Shockspital is now a certified Double Barrel service and warranty center, joining just a handful of shops around the U.S. that are thus qualified.

And though the CCDB only comes in sizes 7.5" and bigger, any of you with a bike that can handle a long-travel shock should be excited about this product. Keep in mind that you'll need to devote some time to dialing it in to your preferences. While most rear shocks offer two or three types of damper adjustment, the CCDB offers four: high- and low-speed compression AND high- and low-speed rebound. And if you want the new Double Barrel CS, you also get a climb switch similar to the pedal platform option found on other companies' shocks.

For the more weigh-conscious rider, there is the Double Barrel Air, boasting all the same adjustability of the CCDB but using a lightweight air spring in place of the coil.

Of course this level of performance comes at a price--the Double Barrel is a bit of an investment. But fortunately for you prospective buyers out there, Shockspital is also an authorized Demo Center. This means you can try before you buy! Check out the Double Barrel website to see if your bike can handle this shock. If it can, give us a shout to line up a demo shock. We're still in the process of putting together our demo fleet, so contact us before it gets warm out to ensure we have the right size for your bike come spring.

Minnesotans/Wisconsinites in the audience should consider this the hands-down best choice of equipment for your Spirit Mountain bike. Hell yeah!

Double Barrel small part? Yes, we have that in stock.