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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fox factory suspension training

Early one Tuesday morning Nick, the Fox tech rep, came to Freewheel to give us some factory training.

The Freewheel mechanics gathered around Nick as they took in their coffee and donuts. From left to right, Chris, Nick, Tyson, Bryan, McChain, Dave, and Patrick. I'm not sure if Patrick blinked when I snapped this photo or if he was still sleeping:

Here, Nick shows us how to use the centering tool to reassemble the TALAS adjuster:

Everyone is listening for the faint noise that indicates that the TALAS adjuster knob is clocked properly:

After the training is over we all got free stuff!

And now you can get some free Fox stuff too! The first person to e-mail me at with the correct answer to the following question will win this very cool retro Fox hat (free shipping in MN only). What does the Fox acronym "TALAS" stand for?

We have a winner! Here's Matt lookin' sharp in his new Fox hat.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Employee Training Night - Suspension

The Freewheel Service Department team assembled for a late night of suspension training.

Tyson (in yellow) shows Phil how to disassemble a fox fork.

Here Graham inspects a Motion Control rebound damper shaft for scratches because this fork would not lock out.

Andy is using a torque wrench to tighten the top cap on this fork.

Karl is pretty excited about the new rear shock dyno.