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Monday, December 5, 2011

What I did for my Winter Bike Expo!!

  This past weekend was the Winter Bike Expo, and it was a hit! We had seminars on things like Tire Science, Winter Maintenance, The Arrowhead Adveture Race and how to dress for the cold.
  There was food, beer, prizes, racing and beer.
  There were demos of fat tire bikes from Surly and Salsa and lots of sales and specials to help get you out fitted for this winters riding season.
As far as I can tell the Winter Riding Expo was a huge hit! Seminars on Winter riding, tires and Maintenance; as well as the Arrowhead. There was free beer and beer tasting.                     

Here is a good shot of me from the  side. Also in the background is the Midtown Bike Centers service leader and "Too Tall" Tyson of Shockspital fame.

Here is I am in a funny hat; and this little honey is the Beez Knees, literally... really she is!
This is me At the Festival enjoying, all the conferences.

 This is me about to mug these people. Shhhhh, be very very quiet.
Here I am telling a very funny story.

This is a self portrait I took while riding a Moonlander through a crowd of people.