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Thursday, September 29, 2011

New and Improved Midtown Rental Shop

Over the last month or so we've been re-vamping our rental shop at the Midtown Bike Center.

If you've used the shop in the past, you'll find double the amount of tools at every stand.

If you haven't used the shop, and don't know how it works, it's easy. $16/hour gets you a stand with all the tools you see in the picture, lubes, rags, degreasers, greasers, and use of the parts washer.

A person can use the rental shop any time we're open as long as there isn't class going on so it's not a bad idea to call ahead.

And speaking of classes, we have a variety of classes that cover everything from changing a flat to setting up and servicing your full suspension mountain bike.

Winter is coming up soon, and as those who ride know... Winter is the season of messy bikes. The salt and sand that they spread all over the roads gets all over your bike, and your bike hates it. Hates it bad.

One of the best way to make your bike feel better is to give it a shower. We've got an official Bike Shower that you can use for only $5. Spray off the gunk, wipe it down, lube it back up. It's like a spa for your overworked friend.

And lastly, if you're riding by and have a loose something or a maladjusted something else or even just a low tire; we've got a free stand in the front of the store with basic tools attached that anyone can use and pumps that pump up both kinds of tubes.