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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scenes from Hammerhands

The brotherhood that exists among bike shop guys is a thing of legends. Like a unicorn or manticore, most people have never actually seen brotherhood amongst bike shop guys, so when I begin to ramble on and on about the brotherhood that exists amongst Freewheel Bike shop guys, you should sit up and take notice.

You there! Sit up and take notice! If this is a good time for you, that is!

Tonight's ride was memorable in that we had pretty much every location of the business represented: Freewheel Mobile's own Thadwick Cialek; West Bank's Tyson Acker; Midtown's John Bemel; Ben Erickson from the front office; and me (Chris) from Eden Prairie.

We talked shop. We talked life. We talked trash. We took bad lines. We cleaned rock gardens. We accidentally skidded once or twice. We awarded style points. Most of all, however, we reminded ourselves and each other and other folks around us why we're in the bike business: we love it.

Perfect conditions and perfect weather (maybe just a touch on the hot side at the start) combined with one of the best trails around are just icing on the cake, but honestly, we could have fun riding around an old city dump at nine miles per hour and getting dizzy from all the turning... oh wait, we do that at Theo Wirth. Yep, we have fun there too!

I've been told that people don't read anymore, and that a picture is worth 1000 words, and that I look like I'm Irish, and that my bike creaks. It does creak, but I'm a mechanic, so I know why it creaks, and if I'm not worried about it, you shouldn't be either, so there! And I AM part Irish! And you're reading this, aren't you?!? But anyways, here are thousands of words worth of pictures.

First you have to GET there. At 5:00 on a Wednesday, it took over an hour.
That's the Thadmobile in red.

So this is us, minus me. I'm busy being the bad photographer.

Tyson, saving it despite a shaky entry.
Note the incredible seat tube on that custom Waterford!

And he sticks the landing!
That's John Bemel's stunning red and black sock in the lower left corner.

Ben, telling an animated story. Thad had apparently heard the story before.

Eating Chipotle in front of a Casual Male XL store seemed ironically appropriate.
Our tapeworms were grateful.

Oh drat my luck! Guacamole blowout, and I forgot to grab a spoon!
Why did I get out of bed this morning?!?

Don't worry, I took it back inside when I was done with it.

6 PM. Wednesdays. Murphy parking lot. You're invited.