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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wednesday Nights at Murphy Hammerhands

So, last summer a few of us Freewheelers decided that it would be a good idea to have a weekly off road ride at Murphy Hanrehan Park. Over the course of many weeks, we gained more and more riders. Eventually, somehow, Murphy got the nickname of Hammerhands (get it? Hammerhands = Hanrehan)... there is an official mascot, but, to avoid lawsuits, I will not post it here (Imagine "Fighting Irish" with hammers for hands).

Anyway... The second annual "Murphy Hammerhands Freewheel Bike Summer Long Group Ride on Wednesday Nights" is back by popular demand!

What we have in store: (1) A great ride! We are out to have fun and enjoy the summer trails. This ride is open to any level of off road rider. (2) Socialization post ride. Continuing our tradition, we will be roasting off meats and vegetables in the parking lot and will have refreshments available as well.

We will start this week (5/25/11) and go right up till the time trial series (also on Wednesday nights at the end of the summer, stay tuned for more info). Meet in the trail head parking lot off Hanrehan Lake Dr at 6pm. We won't ride if the trails are wet (check trail conditions at

See you out there!

Although it is exciting and fun, cycling is an inherently dangerous sport: Freewheel Bike and its representatives are not responsible in any way for any perceived or actual injury before, during, or after group rides. Please take personal responsibility for your own safety. Helmets are required for all rider.