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Monday, November 15, 2010

Winterizing a Snow Bike

Fall is the best time of year to give your bike a overhaul for a couple reasons.

If you are putting a bike away for winter storage you'll want to get the water out of the internals where it can cause rust throughout the winter. The other benefit is that your bike will be ready to ride when spring arrives. Plus you'll save money because most shops run an overhaul sale in the winter.

If you are riding your bike all winter then you'll want to get a low temp grease in the bearings and free-hub body, maybe install studded tires, and rust proof steel frames.
This poor Pugsley has been ridden and raced hard yet received very little maintenance. We gave it a Winter Overhaul about a month ago to make sure that it was ready for the first snow fall of the year.

Rust was starting to eat away at the fork...

...and frame...

 I applied JP Weigle Frame Saver

Next the drive-train got cleaned up in our
environmentally friendly parts washer.

I applied anti-seize to the bottom bracket shell threads
to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Then I faced the head-tube.

Now it looks like this.

The brake posts got plenty of grease.

The derailleur pulleys were removed, cleaned and

This Pugsley has rear hubs in both wheels. Both got
repacked with Morningstar 'Lectric Lube

And of course the free-hub body was purged and filled
with 'Lectric Lube.

'Lectric Lube grease remains the same consistency down
to -50f so you don't get any drag when riding in really
cold temps.

Freewheel Bike's Winter Overhaul Special includes everything from our regular overhaul then the price is reduced by $80 plus it includes free pick up and delivery.