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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank You

Thank You, such a simple thing to say yet it can leave a lasting impact on a person's outlook. I have been noticing something around the shop that has driven home just how important is to give and receive thank yous. The following photos are pictures of some of the thank yous that we have received over the years. They have obviously made an impact on us because we not only keep them (sometimes for years) but we often display them at our work areas.

These are thank you cards that Patrick keeps above his workbench at Check-In.

This is a letter that I kept in my tool box.

I noticed this letter in Stephen's office. It's from a customer that bought a new bike and found that the fit needed to be tweaked to more closely match her old bike.

This has been in Kevin's office since I started working here about two years ago.

This is my favorite. There is a wall in the back of the store with where a bunch of Scout Troops wrote their thank yous to Marcy. I assume that she was teaching bicycle repair classes so that they could get their merit badges. Some are dated as far back as 1991.

This is a post card that Tyson keeps above his bench. Apparently Chairman Bob approves.

Most letters come via e-mail these days. I keep a folder of them.

This post is not meant to brag about how great we are because the truth is, we do get some complaint letters too. While we don't like getting complaints we do appreciate when people make the effort to give us constructive criticism and a chance to redeem ourselves if needed.

So I'd like to say, Thank You, to all of our great customers. You are the reason that we love doing what we do.