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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wednesday Group Rides!

It has been a hoot over the last few weeks to load up the Mobile Repair Unit with bikes and mechanics and head down to Murphy for some Wednesday evening hot laps. After some hot lapping, wiping out, and heckling one another, we tuck tail and slink back to the parking lot for food and beverages. We make friends; fix a few bikes; crash in the parking lot trying to do tricks' eat grilled vegetables and meat; and sing songs of the Hinterland in four-part harmony, all five of us.

It's really a great way to unwind in the middle of the week, and it gets us out doing that thing that we love to do: grill. Oops! I meant ride.

Here are some pictures of fun like you've never experienced ever (but you're invited).

The Horses Corralled

Bob the Builder's brand-spanking new EX8 feeling the wrath of a high-speed corner incident.

Jeff's cleat ripped out of his shoe, so it was kind of nice to, you know, have a reasonably well-stocked bike shop along.

Bob thought he could take the bailout line without anyone seeing it. That's one good way to end up on the Internet.

Thad was trying to stay out of the sun so he wouldn't get a farmer tan.

Slopping the trough, courtesy of Chef Nick.

The End! Hope to see you at the Murphy Time Trials!

How many drops did would Bob have done if he did not take the bail out line? The first three people to send the correct answer to will win a Tour De France cycling cap.

Oh and by the way, our Wednesday night rides will continue after the time trials are over so feel free to come join us.