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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trek Suspension Training Day

Ken from Trek Bikes came to our shop today to show us a few cool things about Trek full suspension bikes.

This was a unique training session at Freewheel because it was open to employees of all Trek dealers. We had mechanics from multiple shops from around the area including Redwing and Hudson.

We got to take a look inside the new Fox DRCV rear shock.

Ken explained how the plunger works.

In this cut away you can see the two separate air chambers and the plunger. This animation shows exactly what is going on as the shock moves through it's travel.

Things came to a stand still when Mario brought coffee and pastries from the Midtown Bike Center Cafe.

Then it was back to work. Ken did a great job explaining why Trek's ABP design works so well.

Then we tried a little demonstration so that we could fell what he was talking about. If you put the front wheel of a non-ABP full suspension bike against a wall and compress the rear shock it compresses normally. Then if you grab the rear brake and try to compress the rear shock you can feel that it becomes much firmer. This firming up of the rear shock did not happen on the bike with ABP.

The first three people with the correct answer to the following trivia questions will win one of these hats. Send your answers to

What does DRCV stand for and what is it's performance advantage (how does it make the bike ride better)?
What does ABP stand for and what are it's performance advantages?

Update: 2/10/10 5:55pm Still have one hat left for the next person with the correct answers.
2/12/10 We finally have a third and final winner. Thanks to everyone for playing.